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Through All of my years I´ve been following the normal evolution cycle of every normal human been. I´ve been wondering and also questioning to myself different questions, simple and elaborated. For example, Why I'm writting in English if my native language is Spanish (Or Español as we call it). So here is a crazy thought... What about globalization? I'm telling you this, this blog has been online for 3 years and according to my statistics this blog has been visited 44.000 times, that is like 40 visits per day which is not bad but I know we can make it better. Even better, I make you a bet (In the case you are reading this)... I bet that only in a year we can have the same visits that we had in 3 years with the only difference that from now on (August 29th, 2014) I will be writting in English, as simple as it sounds (or reads). What brings our second question... Do I need more visits? Do I have a personality disorder? My Ego is down? The answer for those 3 questions is a triple No. Nevertheless, writting is great, I am not a great writter, not even a good one, I would qualify me as average but if you are an average reader we are going to get along really fine, I promise you. 
Anyway. Where was I? Oh Yes... I wonder if you are still reading this? Wouldn´t it be cool to know exactly in the moment you are writting how many people are going to read your stuff, what words make it more exciting, more boring, more commercial or more pure? I will assume only one person is reading this and that person is you Noah .... (Is your name Noah?) ... Well, If your name is Noah do not panick, I am not a psychic I just chose the most popular name in the US according to a reseach held in the 2013. But let´s take what I just did and let's extrapolate. First of all, could I know your name if you just enter to my site? The answer is yes if you don't believe ask Internet Giants as Facebook or Google, they gather all the information you give them and they give the best results for you. Why do you think that when you browse on Facebook for the girl's name you like in the top 3 results you get her and not a girl in some other country or state. C´mon there must be a million Mary Smith at least in the whole world, ain't it? Everything you do on the Internet is tracked by someone or something, that is the basic principle but do not alarm yourself, there doesn´t exist a big brother who is following you and tracking all of your activity, just imagine the capacity of any server capable of achieving such task! No way... Impossible... Mmmmm... Wait a minute! Edward Snowden rings any bell to you? Yes, Now we know that some governments have the ability and capacity for studying and listening every person in a portion of the world, could you imagine if a company had the same power (e.g: Google)? The answer doesn't have to be that negative. First, according to Snowden the US Government was spying to the American citizen (The Chinese to American companies which was illegal by the way) but a company cannot do that since it's illegal and they will never have the faculty to achieve that (unless it's a huge monopoly which I'm not really sure if the global economy could afford that), but letting technicanism apart. What if companies could have the ability to know exactly what perople are really costumers and what others are not, that would be great, from the companies perspective they wouldn't loose resources trying to convince you to give away your money in products you will never buy and in the other hand, we will never receive Spam, annoying phone calls or those irritating flyers on the street. Well, Welcome to the 21st century, what I just described to you is completely achievable. Even worse, a monkey with a computer could achieve that, thanks to facebook, Tweeter, Linkedin and every other social network we can find these days. There is so much info about you out there that If you give me your name and one day we met I will know a lot about your likes and dislikes, your favourite music, your food, etc. You don't believe me? Keep reading... All of this is going to be old news in a couple years so not worries!
You see, there are several things we all should know, I am not saying I don't want companies or governments to have my information, I know they have it and that's ok with me, I appreciate it, back in the days for a company you were just a number, some bytes and that was it, today you are a person, they know how to treat and pleace you, my only concern is that people should have an idea of what is going around us, know what is happening on the internet, how things work inside, be more active and not a veggie inside a car or in front of a computer, today there's a huge knowledgement gap between the people who know and the ones who doesn´t. My humble wish is to make this gap a little shorter, helping the ones who want to know a little more. Of course I'm not wikipedia but I can help to the people who want to learn about hardware, I'm not Steve Wosniak obviously but the little I know I offer it to you.
I've tried several times to implement this free knowledgement idea before in my local country and what happened is a story for some other post I think, maybe the next one. Right?
Enough about me, now you should talk...

Let's make an experiment. According to my estimations just 2 people just read this whole entry. If you are one of those add me on facebook My theory says that you already know me or you know someone who does (or a second degree but no higher than that). Let's try?

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