Correlation between Post and Place

What you can see in the picture is this website's world distribution to August/ 2014. This social experiment is about how would this map change in one year if we make a little change, for an instance, start writing in some other language. If you look closely to the map you can see the pins for the locations where this blog has been visited at least once. Now, most of the pins are located in places where you speak spanish (Español) and that's very logical since this blog is written in Spanish but what if we start writing in English, French or Mandarin (Chinese). The Hypothesis is we are going to receive more visits aacording to the language we post. For one year I'll be writing English only and the result should be a lot more visits from different countries (Not only Latin ones). In one year from now on (September 1st) I will be sharing my results with you!

I'm unique? How does it relate to the price of apples? and prostitutes elasticity?

Most of you must think you are unique... And you are right! If you don't consider yourself unique then do not feel bad, just blame your school teacher or your mother who yelled at you more than once "Why can't you be as the rest of the other children". The thing is, most of the time we don't think in the echo of our words or acts and who could anyway? If I start thinking in the consecuences everytime I do something I simply would not get out of my bed in the morning, wouldn't you?
The thing is that actually you are unique as an individual but as a group we are one... Oh that is sweeeeet! and cliche but from a Smith perspective (Adam Smith) this makes total sense. Let's say you see someone is drinking the soda from the market (obviously he/she is not paying for it), probably you are going to blame him or just move away but you are not going to drink soda without paying it. Now let's imagine the next week you go to the same market and in the same aisle you see 200 guys drinking soda without paying for it, probably you are going to do the same (does the same principle apply for traffic? What about the laws?).

Personal thoughts #WhoCaresAboutThisShit

Through All of my years I´ve been following the normal evolution cycle of every normal human been. I´ve been wondering and also questioning to myself different questions, simple and elaborated. For example, Why I'm writting in English if my native language is Spanish (Or Español as we call it). So here is a crazy thought... What about globalization? I'm telling you this, this blog has been online for 3 years and according to my statistics this blog has been visited 44.000 times, that is like 40 visits per day which is not bad but I know we can make it better. Even better, I make you a bet (In the case you are reading this)... I bet that only in a year we can have the same visits that we had in 3 years with the only difference that from now on (August 29th, 2014) I will be writting in English, as simple as it sounds (or reads). What brings our second question...